Thursday, 6 January 2011

Would you believe it....

I am one of these people who rise at the crack of dawn everyday normally, all over Christmas I was up at my normal time of 5.30, my family think I am mad!

However today my Grandson Ryan who had been off school for 2 weeks before school finished due to that nasty flu virus that's going round was due back and what time did I wake up this morning ........... 7.45!!!! I couldn't believe it when I looked at the clock so it was a bit of a rush as he starts at 8.30. That's what comes of sitting up too late knitting my Granddaughter a scarf.

I was going to post on here this morning but as you can see I didn't have the time but I am here now.

I have been hooked! I first saw this idea on Toni's blog when she posted her  'A mug in a Hug' post and then followed a link to Helen's blog, who posted about them

So here is my first attempt, not quite to the pattern but I knitted it from memory so I am pleased with it so Thank you Toni for giving me the idea and the valuable instructions.

The other thing I wanted to show you all was to go with my 'Mug Hug' was my 'Mug Rug' this is something that I shall be making for the shop, a great gift for Mothers day I think and quite affordable for the kiddies to buy.

My Rug Mug with a pocket for your Coffee sachet,
Tea bag or just a biccy
I made this with some bits of Cath Kidston fabric left over fom some book covers I made for the shop at Christmas, these are perfect to use up all your bits you dont want to throw away and a great start into patchwork as well, I love it and am keeping this one for me.

What do you think to my first attempts of 2011 then?

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  1. Love the Mug Rug and super 'hug' too.

    Toni xx


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