Saturday, 8 January 2011

I have an increasing problem in my house....

and its these.....

my collection of scarves that currently hang over the top of the downstairs toilet door in the hallway, this situation makes it difficult for the adults in our house as when they use the loo they cant shut the door.

Last weekend my DIL told me I needed to make a scarf hanger to alleviate this problem, in the summer these will all hang in my wardrobe normally just looped over the hanging rail but I decided to make something a little bit nicer

So I took these....

along with a pack of curtain rings I had left from Christmas and made this...

The fabric I have used for this is some that my Mum gave me years ago in fact she made me a nightdress from it when I was about 7, I have always loved it as its so pretty and have been saving it for something that needed pretty fabric.

Here are my scarves now nicely looped through the rings and taking up much less space

When I get home later I intend to make a scented heart to loop onto the wire hook which will hang nicely on the front and help to keep my wardrobe smelling nice.

Problem solved I think!


  1. What a lovely idea (my scarves are thrown over the end of the stair handrail - the door of the downstairs loo is already occuppied by DHs football coat LOL)

    Toni xx

  2. What a great love the fabric wounder you kept it!
    TFS Hugs Clare x

    Thanks for your locely comment on my blog and becoming a follower x
    Hugs Clare xx

    Re to the sewing machines...last wekend,i was at Hobbycraft..and noticed they had a sale on the Brother sewing machines...not sure what features on them..but they were a good price!
    maybe worth checking out!


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