Monday, 4 April 2011

To me from me.....

 Happy Mother's day!

I knew my kids would all buy me something for Mother's day although the only thing I insist on is that they buy me a card but they always say I am so hard to buy for, dont know why!

Recently I had a BIG (50) birthday and to make thing easier for them I wrote a list of 50 things I woiuld like to get for my birthday starting with rolls of double sided tape to large things like Cricut cartridges and I didnt get a single one of them.

On Saturday it was the sewing group and the project was fabric baskets so as I demonstrated them I made myself a couple for my new sewing room

Sewing group lesson - fabric baskets
I had recently bought some round bag handles as I wanted a knitting bag, nothing too fancy but better than the carrier bag I was using so I made myself this as well

Then to add a few more pretties to my sewing room I have now got this

with a rather pretty needle case to match

Along side all my own presents I got some rather nice things from the kids, 4 lots of beautiful flowers, the book of The Kings Speech and money to buy some lovely fabric so all in all I had a lovely Mother's day and I hope that all you other Mummy's did too


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  1. Ooooo, what pretty fabrics and super are clever.

    Toni xx


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