Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Look what I have now...

I have just acquired this beautiful cupboard

I think maybe a Farrow and Ball paint for the outside

 maybe fabric or paper for the inside especially the back

 I see a telephone table, what do you see?

Monday, 11 April 2011


My finger really hurts, I have just spent 4 hours stitching the binding onto this quilt

Is there an easier way to do this bit? I cant use a thimble, trust me I try every time but end up putting it away within the first few inches, well anyway they are both finished now

Here is the first one again

and both together

So onto Katie's quiltt next which will be very girly.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Ottoman Before and After.....

Okay quick post just to show you the finished ottoman, my Daughter - in - laws Mum; Bev asked me to re-cover this box as she keeps her hair dryer and other stuff in it.

It actually looks worse than this photo shows, it is typical 1970's Gold Draylon!

So before...

The brief was to re-cover and not to re apply the studs to the top


The stripes were a pain to work with, hard to keep them straight but I am rather pleased with the finished result, what do you think?

A new project for today and Oscar!

Morning everyone, what a lovely day today, the sun is shining and the shop is busy, couldnt get any better today.

I have a new project to work on today as I have to re-cover this

Its quite a nice box if it wasnt for the gold Draylon but it will look very different later today.

I also have a new friend for you to meet

Here is Oscar...

He is for my Grandson Marshall, he is only 2 so hopefuly he will be a friend to him for many years.

Off to start the ottoman, hope to have more photos later

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Another quilt...

.... nearly finished, this is the first one

and this is the second one which just needs batting, backing and binding

Donna who ordered them is really pleased with them which is good.

I have a lampshade to re-cover next for my Granddaughters bedroom then I have to upholster the airing cupboard door which is in her bedroom, quite looking forward to that.

Been a busy day here so off to get something else done

Catch you all later

Monday, 4 April 2011

To me from me.....

 Happy Mother's day!

I knew my kids would all buy me something for Mother's day although the only thing I insist on is that they buy me a card but they always say I am so hard to buy for, dont know why!

Recently I had a BIG (50) birthday and to make thing easier for them I wrote a list of 50 things I woiuld like to get for my birthday starting with rolls of double sided tape to large things like Cricut cartridges and I didnt get a single one of them.

On Saturday it was the sewing group and the project was fabric baskets so as I demonstrated them I made myself a couple for my new sewing room

Sewing group lesson - fabric baskets
I had recently bought some round bag handles as I wanted a knitting bag, nothing too fancy but better than the carrier bag I was using so I made myself this as well

Then to add a few more pretties to my sewing room I have now got this

with a rather pretty needle case to match

Along side all my own presents I got some rather nice things from the kids, 4 lots of beautiful flowers, the book of The Kings Speech and money to buy some lovely fabric so all in all I had a lovely Mother's day and I hope that all you other Mummy's did too