Monday, 28 March 2011

Now Quilts....

I have been busy with shop orders, facebook orders and loads of sewing orders and that's not counting Mother's day stock,  don't get me wrong I am not complaining but I could do with a few more hours in a day and/or a couple of extra days in the week.

My latest project is an order to make 2 quilts for two little boys, Pheonix and Finlay, their Mum Donna has seen the first one finished so now I can show all of you, here are the selection of the fabrics that I am using to make them.

Pheonix's Quilt fabric

Finlays Quilt fabrics
 and here is Peonix's finished quilt

Not the best photo but the best I could take today, so 1 down and 1 to go

Back to shop orders tomorrow but I am hoping to get the second quilt cut out tomorrow night, off to do a bit more knitting now, more Rabbits on the way, the next one is for my Grandson Marshall.

See you later!


  1. i absolutley love this quilt. And im sure Phoenix will too. Sure finlays will look just as fab!! Thank you so much marion there perfect!! :-) x

  2. Love the mix of blues & yellows on this quilt - I think it is super and I'm sure number 2 will be just as lovely.

    Toni :o)


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