Sunday, 20 February 2011

Meet Primrose rabbit.....

I found a wonderful selection of patterns from a very talented lady called Susan who owns Mary Janes Tearooms and this was the first one I bought from her, my gorgeous rabbit is called Primrose.

Meet primrose rabbit.

Watching and waiting!

Waiting for Tea

Primrose's shoes

Her corsage
I love her, she is so pretty and I have already had a few requests for both her and the boy rabbit. I cant wait to start the next one.


  1. She is beautiful - love those floppy ears.

    Toni xx

  2. love this so adorable

  3. oh what a cutie, she is so sweet. I
    Tracey x

  4. Oh wow I have just found Maryjane's tearooms and order a couple of her pattern's and then I came across your blog and it's lovely. You've made a really good job on Primrose she's adorable.
    Have a good week


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