Tuesday, 5 October 2010

My Snowman Lantern Holder

I love projects that I make up as I go along, no real plans just an idea in my head, well this was one of those projects.

A few years ago a friend of mine who works in a pattern making factory gave me about 50 x 1" thick plywood circles that measure about 10" across, these were waste from a job he was doing and were to be thrown in the skip, knowing what I was like he brought them to me. At first my head said Clocks but the wood was too thick so I have had them in the garage ever since bringing one out occasionally to see if it fits the project I was working on at the time but alas they never did until this project!

I wanted to make a large snowman something and the idea wasnt very clear even to me but this it how it turned out - My Snowman Lantern Holder

To be honest not the easiest thing to take a decent photo of as its quite tall

I took one of the wooden circles and drilled a hole large enough to take a walking stick which was glued into the hole at a slight angle. The circle then had a goove cut into it to take the bottom of the snowman. The walking stick was then painted in white masonary paint,

My lovely Hubby cut the snownman from 12mm MDF and then routered the edges to give it a nicer finish. I then painted the snowman using a mixture of paints and added a Fimo nose and holly to his hat, love that Tartan paint!

Once the snowman had been glued into the base I covered the whole circle with Pollyfilla giving it a snow like texture, once dry the whole thing was painted in white masonary paint and taken outside to be glittered, I am not sure it shows up in the phot but it does look lovely when it catches the light.

I had a couple of lanterns in my garden that were looking a little worse for wear but still not at the stage of throwing them away, they would have to be far worse than this to be disposed of. All I have done is removed the glass some of which was broken and gave them a wash.

As I am a Florist I decided a nice artificial arrangement of Christmas greenary added to the top of the lanterns would just finish them off, I have added a battery operated Tea Light for safety.

Then a large cup hook was screwed  into the bottom of the handle for the lantern to hang on. I must admit I do love this Lantern holder so much I am in the process of making another with a slightly different snowman. I have lots more circles and more walking sticks but alas no more lanterns so another back to the drawing board for the other supplies but I will think of something  to do with them - eventually!

What do you think to my Snowman lanterns then? I think they will look really nice in my Christmas window although I think I may have sold both of them so they may never make it to the shop.

I have to say I have a little army of  Snowmen all at different stages of being finished but I will post photos of them all once they are completed.

Off to get ready for my work day so catch up with you all later.

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  1. I'm in love....that is so fab. Clever, clever you.

    I love candle things and this is just super. Oh, and I love your tartan paint too LOL

    Toni :o)


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