Friday, 13 August 2010

I shall be away next week but...

Karen will be here holding the fort for me, Karen will be on hand to look after the shop and keep things ticking along until I get back so a huge thank you to her for giving up her holiday from work so I can take my holiday.

As I am away all next week I wanted to get all my orders done even though some are for Christmas I didn't want to leave without making sure they were all finished so here are a few of the orders I have made this week for my lovely customers, there were more but these are the ones I remembered to take photos of!

Cameron's candy Bouquet

Made for my Daughters Boyfriends Birthday

A Bobble board for Emily

Not sure you can see the

Amelia's Birthday Clock

Harry's Money Box

This had to have cars on it

Along side all of this we have had our 4 sessions of craft club and 2 private bookings this week and I have made a start on Christmas although |I wont be showcasing any of the Christmas stuff yet.

So that's nearly another week done at Love, Heart, Home, only a few more weeks and I will have been open for 6 months, where does the time go?

So I am off to get a few chores done before work and I will leave you all in Karen's capable hands until I get back.
See you soon

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  1. Lovely pieces. 6 months? gosh this year really is flying.

    Have a good holiday.

    Toni :o)


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