Thursday, 1 April 2010

Well its been a busy week!

We have had a busy week in the shop this week but I thought it was time I came on here and posted.

What have we been up too then? Loads and unfortunately my camera isnt working so no piccy's I am afraid until I get that sorted out but that WILL be done this week, promise!

We have been busy in the shop this week and I have to say we have some lovely customers come to see us, some only come for a chat and to see what we have in new and they are lovely even if they dont always buy something. We are starting to build up a group of returning customers now and they are all taking full advantage of our loyalty scheme.

I have had a few orders to get out this week and then there was craft club on Wednesday evening as well. We already had a few coming to craft club then we had 2 new ladies come last week as well, it was a bit of a squeeze with 7 of us there but we managed and had a great night. One of our ladies; Susan has never crafted at all and over the past 2 weeks she has managed to make herself a blackboard for her kitchen, to say she was thrilled is an understatement! Susan will be back next week to start her new project and Christinme and Tina our new ladies will be back to finish their shopping list boards. I am going to have to hold craft club on 2 nights starting after Easter as we cant fit anyone else in and I have had 3 more ladies who want to come along.

This weekend I am taking a rest from the shop and will be spending some time on getting my website up and running, fingers crossed!

So thats it for now but I will get the camera sorted and there will be piccy's next time.

Have a great Easter everyone


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