Monday, 15 March 2010

Confirmation ...

That it's not worth opening on a Sunday morning. WOOHOO I hear MIL shout. Yes you guessed it she didn't really want to open on a Sunday but gave it a go. S0 the next time she opens on a Sunday will probably be the run up to that "C " word that no one dare mention until at least September.

I forgot to thank all the customers that she had last week, so THANK YOU for your custom and support. Her 1st week was great and it's all down to the wonderful people that cam thru the door.

I'm hoping that her A board is finished and out. That'l help passing custom. It's that big that I reckon that satelites will be able to photograph it from space and you'l be able to spot it on Google Earth. LOL. One side is going tell everyone what she sells and the other side is for notices like workshops etc ...

I'd better pootle off and get some cards made before she notices that I'm AWOL from my craft room. Mind you she'l be at the shop now, so she wont know till later by which time I'd have made some cards (fingers crossed) LOL.

Love Heart Home
Karen xxx

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