Monday, 21 February 2011

I would like to tell you...

...whats been keeping me so busy

Today I am holding a craft day for Kids, they are on half term here and so I decided to have a Children's craft class. As I only have a small workroom I wanted to keep the numbers to about 5, well as usual the class is proving to be really popular and so today we are having 2 classes of 5 girls to come and make a present for Mothers day.

I may have photos later but the Mum's don't know what they are making as its a surprise so I may keep the photos to show you another day.

To add to this 2 local Child Minders also want the class but as a kit to make with the Children they look after through the week so I have 9 kits to put together for this as well.

The sewing class went well and my ladies are already asking what they will be making on level 2, they make it sound like an NVQ course lol,  so now I am busy planning one day classes for when these courses have finished at the end of May. The sewing classes have become so popular I now have waiting list for them

I have however found time to make some things as well and have been busy with orders for these

Tea Rug

Cupcake Rug

Cupcake coasters
as well as orders for fabric bunting which I don't have photos of and all the shop orders so I have been a little busy.

I could do with 2 of me or a 48 hour day, I think the time may have come to employ someone to help out so I can concentrate on the classes and work groups and new ideas for the shop.

The shop will celebrate its first birthday on March 6th and am trying to sort out an online giveaway for this linked between my blog and Facebook, we will be having special promotions going on all that week at the shop so I am expecting quite a busy few weeks.

Well I am off to make a couple of Candy Bouquets before I head out to work, one for my Grandson Riley who is 3 today and the other for my Grandson Adam who is 8 tomorrow, I have another to make for my Granddaughter Lauryn who is going to be 11 on Saturday but I need some nail polish, lip gloss and a few extra goodies for hers before I can make that.

Phew what a long post, just hope someone comes and reads it all now and if thats you I hope you have a lovely day.


  1. busy. All this and the knitting - do you ever sleep? LOL Super pieces Maz and so glad the classes are proving popular.

    Toni xx

  2. Maz, fantastic coasters, really lovely. Good luck with the classes today which I am sure will be brilliant.

    If its a full time employee you are after, let me know


  3. Happy Birthday :)
    All i want for my birthday is good health and to have my family around me on the day. These 2 things are priceless :)


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