Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Not having a good start to today!

I thought this week was going better until today!

The table runner (see below) I started making the other day was an order, the lady chose the fabrics for it but sadly now doesn't like it, she has asked to see if I can sell it on. I cant say I am not a little disappointed as it has been quite allot of work so far and it still needs to be backed and have the binding on it. Hopefully I will be able to sell it, fingers crossed!!

On a brighter note I have finished my stool, it has been my first attempt at this sort of thing so be kind if you leave a comment although constructive criticism is always welcome.

I really wanted this to be girly but not over frilly if you know what I mean and I only had a bare fat quarter of the Cath Kidston fabric to play with, I love, love, love this fabric.

I am pleased with the way it has turned out as it could have multiple uses as a side table or dressing table stool. I know my daughter will love it but alas I cant keep it as I have no room for it so its off to the shop this morning

So honestly what do you think?



  1. What a let down with your runner, i would have thought commissioned works can't be cancelled when near completion. Such a disappointment to you.If it were me i would have it in my t&c's that commissions cannot be cancelled.
    Great images by rhe way :)

  2. What a disappointment about the runner - I hope you at least had a decent deposit that is not refundable. I think it is beautiful and I'm sure you will find a buyer.

    The stool is wonderful, pretty, girly and so very practical. One question; does the cushion attach to the stool in some way? My only thought was that if it just sits on the top it could slip & slide a bit when you go to sit upon it.

    Super work as usual.

    Toni xx


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