Monday, 10 January 2011

It's starting to come together in there now...

Four months ago my youngest daughter Sarah left home and whilst we were very sad to see her fly the nest as she was our baby; it wasn't so bad as she only moved a short distance from us; it did come with an up side, it meant I had a spare room at last! Obviously I claimed the room before anyone else could but what could I fill all this space up with?

'Light bulb moment'

My sewing stuff of course, anyway I have been after a kitchen table to go in there, something I could stand my sewing machine on and use for cutting out fabrics as well, saves the running down stairs to use the kitchen table to cut the fabric then upstairs to sew it. Well before Christmas my DIL moved to a new house and didn't have space for her table so I claimed it for my craft room but then Sarah claimed it for her new house so I lost it again.

Are you bored yet? we are nearly to the point now

In the garage from when we moved about 18months ago we had one of these

We had no room or any use for it, no one in the family wanted it and so we kept it as it was only a year old, then the brainwave struck and my lovely hubby has made me this

By cutting the top off the wardrobe I now have a unit to store all my fabrics, it big enough to hold y large cutting mat and an ironing pad and there is still enough wood left to make another desk to stand my machine on to sew

How good is that?


  1. Clever hubby! I want one of each, a hubby that can make lovely useful things, and a desk like that !

  2. It's great when a plan comes together :) I wouldn't be without my sewing room, I'm sure it's that place that keeps me sane LOL enjoy your new sewing room :)

  3. How clever & its true what they say never throw stuff away , you never know when it will come in handy. Have Fun in your new sewing room :)

  4. Your hubby came up trumps with his alterations - enjoy your new sewing space.

    Toni xx


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