Sunday, 29 August 2010

The new shop layout has started

A few weeks ago I wanted to re-organise my shop as I wanted it to be seperated into sections, Lounge and Hallway, Kitchen, Bath and Bedroom, Baby and Children making shopping easier for our customers, after drawing up a scribbled plan on a piece of paper which I have lost now we decided to wait until this bank Holiday weekend to do it, well the turn round has started and last night my beautiful shop looked like this

Tony, Stuart and karen are working on opening up a box that was built behind the pillar, this will be the new till area and the new space will be shelved out to hold my carrier bags etc
Karen, Stuart and Tony all hard at work

Large unit cut down and counter out
The large unit had to have 8" cut off it so it would fit on this side of the shop, there is a beam running down this side along the ceiling and as the unit was built to go the other side it made it too tall to be moved across without being cut down. When I first fitted the shop out I had a rather large counter built to take up space as at that time the shop looked too big to fill, now that counter is being made much, much smaller. I had the words Love, Heart, Home cut out of MDF which I painted Cranberry and had them fixed to the front of the counter, hopefully these will be saved and reused in the shop as they cost quite alot of money. 

 Why are we doing this without emptying the shop first? well here is a picture of the workroom having moved everything under the counter and off the tall unit, there was no room left to move anything else so we had to work around the rest of the stock

Hopefully we will get the bulk of it finished today and refill with the stock tomorrow, I have a few new lines that I have made but have waited until this was all done before even thinking of putting them out so they will be on sale next week as well.

So after stressing about this for a week it has finally started and there is no going back, hopefully I will be back with more photos later to show the progress we have made.

What are you all up too this bank Holiday weekend?

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  1. I feel exhausted just reading this LOL

    I need to get a few samples made as I've been asked to make some demo mini books for my friends shop - to give folks ideas. So I shouldn't be on here blog hopping otherwise I'll never get done.

    Hope you get a chance to put your feet up for a few moments before the weekend has come to an end.

    Toni :o)


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