Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The new Love, Heart, Home - Lots of pictures!

Well we started at 4.30 Saturday evening after the shop closed and we have worked all day both Sunday and Monday but finally the shop is Finished, well nearly! I still have a few tweaks to do and a bit more stock to put out.

I will give you a tour shall I? Apologies for the picture quality but my camera batteries were flat so I was recharging them for a few minutes then taking as many photos as I could then putting them back onto charge then photos and so on so the photos are not the best quality.

First the Kitchen section which is the first thing you see as you enter the shop

The Kitchen area needs a few new bits to fill it up.

Then the bathroom - Bedroom section, there was a nice mirror hanging where the heart picture frames are but a passer by came in and wanted to buy it so it went!

We then move to the Baby - Children's section

This is one of my favourites, all of the girls hanging items now are hung on the trellis and the boys hang on the ladder.

Now the Living room - Hallway section

This area really needs some new stock making for it but we have never had a defined area like this before, I really love the way this looks, the large unit was built with removable shelves so I could add or take away as I needed too, The log effect fire was from my old house and now sits on a 'Granite' slab, its MDF really painted Black and spattered with French Grey and Ivory paint then lacquered.

This is the corner to the right of the fire and the space were my Christmas tree will stand  as it wall be visible both in the shop and the window display.

The counter area was vastly cut down and unfortunately my camera really died before I could take all of those pictures but here is my ribbon/craft and the wrapping paper stands both of which we lost moving the till area

I bought the bookcase for £4-00 from a car boot sale and painted it, it is now filled with baskets of ribbon, ric rac, buttons, felt etc
I bought the umbrella stand and revamped it to hold my wrapping paper.

And here is the workroom before and after

It took me another 2 hours to tidy the workroom once we had finished and although the shop still needs a few bits doing at least it can open this morning in its brand new state.

Well what do you think to the new shop?

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