Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I really feel good about today for some reason, not sure why I am just so happy with my life at the moment, I feel very blessed to have such a lovely family and I am very lucky to have my own business, I love working for myself even though it can be quite stressful at times.

I want to show you a few things that we have been making in the shop since I got back, first we had an order from my friend Bill who needed a very special Birthday card for his Mother in law who is 101 today,

Happy Birthday Gwen!
The boxed card
Front of the box

Top of the box
Karen made this gorgeous card for Gwen using the fabulous tissue paper flowers, I don't know how they are made but they look gorgeous, Karen had the box so made the whole card to fit, once it was made I helped by making an acetate cover for it so it could be displayed.

We have also been busy with some new ideas, I have been open for nearly 6 months now so I have been evaluating the stock we have and I want to add more Shabby Chic and Vintage looking items, the ones we have had have been extremely popular with our customers so I want to extend those lines, I love that look and think it will sit nicely with our existing stock.

Here are a few bits and some of the new colours we have been using

Sets of Magnetic pegs, these make great stocking fillers and are already quite popular, the top 2 are Laura Ashley Peony and Duck egg and the bottom 2 are the new Christmas colours we are using
and these

Painted Hearts
My Daughters Sarah and Vicky along with my Daughter in law Marie have been busy helping out, on Sunday they helped me get started on one of the new Christmas lines; Rag Wreaths which are stunning even if I do say so myself, I don't want to publish the pictures of these yet as Christmas is still too far away but here are some of the other wreaths made for new baby gifts.

New baby Boy

New baby Girl
Both of these have either a Heart or Star hanging in the centre which can be personalised on both the front and back so there is plenty of room to add Baby's details.

So the rest of this week is going to be busy, I have craft club both tonight and tomorrow and the rest of the time will be spent designing some new wooden lines my lovely hubby will make for me and getting ready for the major revamp of the shop this weekend, I wanted to do it a few weeks ago but decided to wait for the bank holiday so we have plenty of time to do it, we will start after closing on Saturday and we have until Tuesday morning to get it all done, I have bought a few new stands and am really looking forward to seeing all the drawings come to life. I must remember the before and after photos!

Its going to be a busy week!

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