Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Some new stock lines...

I love flowers of any shape and size, I love flowers whatever they are made from, I suppose that's why I trained as a florist.

I am constantly looking for new ideas so when I saw these Kanzashi flowers I wanted to give them a go and I am rather pleased with my first attempts at them.

I love the colours in this one, it has been fastened to an elastic headband

Another using the fabric above but teamed with a small polka dot fabric.

This one has a vintage feel to it and has been made by gathering the fabric.   

Teamed with beads to give a little sparkle

This is one of my favourites, it has a large Prima in the centre

Pink and White, a lovely combination.

A mix of fabrics

Well what do you think? I am so happy with them I plan to make some more using all my bits of fabric up.

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