Sunday, 25 April 2010

Some new bits we have been busy making

Well its been too long since we posted on here but I wanted to show you just a few of the things we have made and sold over the last few weeks

One of the things that have proved to be very popular is the Pet Plaques, these are personalised with the pets name and have hooks to hang their coat, collar and lead.

I found this item with instructions on Dream, Create and Share blog, Tammy was very kind to do a great video tutorial for these and so I thought I would have a go at making some, This one has been made using Brown paper and pages out of an old book, I then glued a pin to the back and it makes a lovely brooch.

Taking it one step further I made this and added a flower to the front, it was only in the shop a few hours before it was sold.A close up of the flower, the great thing is that all your flowers now match your paper perfectly and they can be any size you want them to be.

Another clock that I made was this one, I covered the clock face with paper from a pad I have had a while, I loved it when I bought it and have not been able to bring muself to use it until now, the paper is from Dejavue and is beautiful. This is for a Hallway as it features a Blackboard as well as hooks to hang your keys on. I have made a smaller version which is just the clock.
Karen has been busy with card orders which you can see some of on her own blog and we have all been very busy with craft club which now is run in 3 sessions to give everyone a place, the workshop list should be ready very soon so watch this space.

We have a number of craft fairs we shall be standing at during the summer the first is on May 9th at the Glenmore centre in Shepshed, more details to follw soon.

Thats it for now, I have orders waiting to be made!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Wedding Season ...

is fast approaching and St georges day on Friday. So it's all systems go for frocks n frill and red, white and blue.

Just a couple of wedding cards made for an order. I'm pleased with both of them but I love the elegance of the initials one.
I'm currently working on a range og engagement, wedding and anniversary cards, so keep popping in here and the shop to see them.
I was hoping the good weather would continue and bring people in, but it's grey and grim this morning. Spring will get sprung weather wise at some point. It's always sunny in the shop with the lovely colours and Maz to chat to, so pop in and take a look.
Love Heart Home

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A couple of cards ...

I've made for an order. They're for a Christening and are personalised. I've got 2 Wedding cards to make to complete the order ready for next week. Am off to do those now.
Keep popping in to see when our workshops are and what the ladies are up to at craft club.
Love Heart Home

Monday, 12 April 2010

Craft Club

Well I thought I would tell you a few things about our Craft Club.

It was only supposed to be a few hours on a Wednesday evening of coffee, chatting and working on whatever you wanted to bring with you, we only have a small workroom at the shop but we thought we could comfortably get 4 ladies in there plus myself.

well it hasnt quite worked out like that....

We have now had to extend the Craft Club to 2 evenings and an afternoon session to accomodate everyone who wants to come, and the list is growing! 

One of our ladies has already completed 3 projects with us and is ready to start No. 4, she just loves anything Handmade so is really easy to please and with a new baby due this summer I dont think she will have any problems finding things to make for her nursery as well as her new home as she will be moving house very soon.

3 of our new ladies have never crafted before and asked if they could come along and be taught how to make some of the painted items we had in the shop.

They have all picked their own projects and have been working away at these, they are all now on project No. 2 and have decided that they want to make a lot of their gifts for Christmas as well as items for their own homes.

Another new lady has come along to enquire about craft club as she wants to learn to scrapbook and she will be starting her first project this week.

So with a list that is growing daily almost and with the workshops we are holding it has been a very busy time for us all here, long may it continue!

Sunday, 11 April 2010


How fast is this year going I just can't keep up with the days. Another lovely week for Maz in the shop. Lots of lovely new customers and some great orders too.
These are just a few of the cards I've added to the selection in the shop. Something a bit simpler, working on the theory that less is more.
Maz is now changed the craft club to a THURS evening instead of Wednesday and is looking at doing a session on a Monday afternoon for those who can't attend the evening session. Please keep an eye out and check the sidebar for further information on that .
Also Maz is putting together a list of dates for forthcoming classes and workshops, including some for the children to take part in. Watch this space or pop into the shop for further information. Please feel free to let Maz know if you have any sugesstions for workshops or classes. All contact details are in the sidebar.
Well thats it for now. Pop along and take a look at this wonderful gift shop.
Love Heart Home
Karen xxx

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Well its been a busy week!

We have had a busy week in the shop this week but I thought it was time I came on here and posted.

What have we been up too then? Loads and unfortunately my camera isnt working so no piccy's I am afraid until I get that sorted out but that WILL be done this week, promise!

We have been busy in the shop this week and I have to say we have some lovely customers come to see us, some only come for a chat and to see what we have in new and they are lovely even if they dont always buy something. We are starting to build up a group of returning customers now and they are all taking full advantage of our loyalty scheme.

I have had a few orders to get out this week and then there was craft club on Wednesday evening as well. We already had a few coming to craft club then we had 2 new ladies come last week as well, it was a bit of a squeeze with 7 of us there but we managed and had a great night. One of our ladies; Susan has never crafted at all and over the past 2 weeks she has managed to make herself a blackboard for her kitchen, to say she was thrilled is an understatement! Susan will be back next week to start her new project and Christinme and Tina our new ladies will be back to finish their shopping list boards. I am going to have to hold craft club on 2 nights starting after Easter as we cant fit anyone else in and I have had 3 more ladies who want to come along.

This weekend I am taking a rest from the shop and will be spending some time on getting my website up and running, fingers crossed!

So thats it for now but I will get the camera sorted and there will be piccy's next time.

Have a great Easter everyone