Sunday, 28 March 2010

How time flies when you're having fun ...

And fun is what my MIL is having in her new shop.This week she's been busy with customers, craft club on Wednesday evening (more about that in a mo) and taking orders to do some personalised things for customers. Busy as a bee in summer she is. LOL.
Back to craft club on Wednesday. A lovely lady called Susan came and with great intrepidation decided to make a kitchen chalk board. And very lovely it's looking and Susan says she's never crafted before. This week it'l be finished so I'l get MIL to take a pic of Susan and her board (if she doesn't mind), and I'l pop it on for you to see.
ME ? Oh I've potted about and made a few cards. I hope yopu like them. I'm a bit miffed at myself because I made a cupcake wedding cake card, and yes, you guessed it, FORGOT to take a pic. Guess I'l just have to do another one now LOL.
Well thats me for now.
Love Heart Home
Karen xxx

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sunday WOOHOO !

And what a lovely day it is. All sunny and bright. I think is here at long last. Well it is if you pop into the shop.
The window display is stunning, full of Spring and Easter type items and colours. Beautiful.

I got an order for this Golden Wedding card in the week from a lady who went into the shop. I've used crafters metal, an embossing tool, stazon ink, DCWV card and paper and flowers from my stash. I'm glad to say that the customer was very pleased with when she picked it up. Always a good feeling when your work is liked.

Love Heart Home
Karen xxx

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Is it Thursday already ....

And here are a few cards I've made this week for the shop. Something a bit simpler than usual and I think they've turned out lovely. What do you think ?
I can't believe it's Thursday already and nearly the end of week 2. How time flies by.
Watch this space tomorrow for a sneek peek of something special !
Love Heart Home
Karen x

Monday, 15 March 2010

Confirmation ...

That it's not worth opening on a Sunday morning. WOOHOO I hear MIL shout. Yes you guessed it she didn't really want to open on a Sunday but gave it a go. S0 the next time she opens on a Sunday will probably be the run up to that "C " word that no one dare mention until at least September.

I forgot to thank all the customers that she had last week, so THANK YOU for your custom and support. Her 1st week was great and it's all down to the wonderful people that cam thru the door.

I'm hoping that her A board is finished and out. That'l help passing custom. It's that big that I reckon that satelites will be able to photograph it from space and you'l be able to spot it on Google Earth. LOL. One side is going tell everyone what she sells and the other side is for notices like workshops etc ...

I'd better pootle off and get some cards made before she notices that I'm AWOL from my craft room. Mind you she'l be at the shop now, so she wont know till later by which time I'd have made some cards (fingers crossed) LOL.

Love Heart Home
Karen xxx

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Well thats the ....

1st week over and done with and not bad too ! I think Maz is shattered and is having a well deserved rest this afternoon. I hope.!

One of the concepts of the shop is to rent out space to other crafters to sell their items. At opening there was myself (cards), my friends Anne (jewellery) and Lorna (stitching), and of course Maz's stuff. Now there's 4 other ladies taking space.
Chris who also makes cards but a different style to mine, Gale who creates beautiful parchment cards and butterflies and Jessica and Ruth who do gorjus sewing with canvas, cotton and buttons. They make lovely bags, door stops, peg bags, tea cosies and keyrings (see pic).

Also Maz has been very busy making a lovely kitchen set using gorjus bright colours. The style is very 20's-30's and has very clarice cliff colours.

I've added a pic Maz would love your comments on any of her products so that she can get an idea of what people like.
Keep popping back to see whats new and keep you eye out for workshops. Also there is craft club on a Wednesday afternoon 1-3 and in the evening 7-9. This is just an informal gathering where you bring what ever you want to do. I can asure you there will be plenty of chat, laughter, tea, coffee and oh nearly forgot CAKE ! There is a nominal fee just to cover electricity and drinks. Please go along to the shop and see Maz if you're interested, as space is limited.
Thats me for now. Have a lovely Mother's Day to all the Mummy's out there !
Love Maz and Karen xxx

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

As promised picci's of the shop ...

Well what do you think ? Gorjus isn't it but then it is my MIL's shop so am biasd.
The shop was busy from start to finish, which was great. Lots of crafting friends came to show their support. THANK YOU to them. Also card demonstrator Jo Unwin popped in and gave the shop and card section lovely lovely comments. Thank you. SU demonstrator Tracey Rossos came along for a browse. Thank you. I've been told that another member of the Dabblers popped in UNANNOUNCED, naughty lady.

Maz would like to thank everyone who took the time to call in and make her opening day a success. THANK YOU !
The shop is open today as it's that uuuuurrrrmmmmm oh yeah Mother's Day next sunday.Doors will open at 09.30am until 12.30 ish !
Please scroll down to view all the picci's.

See you soon.

Love, Heart, Home

Karen xxx

Saturday, 6 March 2010


It's here ! Yes my MIL's shop opens TODAY at 09.30am. And I bet you can't guess what it's called ? I'l give you a clue, look at the header !

Made with LOVE, from the HEART, for the HOME. Good eh ?
It's in Shepshed on Charnwood Road, about 5 mins from Loughborough and there's a free gift for the 1st 25 customers and if you've got one of her leaflets you'l get a raffle ticket too. The prize is a £20 gift voucher for the shop.

Maz, my MIL is a very talented lady and just loves altering things and making stuff out of bits of wood, card, anything she can lay her hands on really. Take a look at her personal blog Natures workshop.
Pics of the day and the shop to follow. So wish her luck and a very successful day !

GOOD LUCK MAZ you deserve it !

See you there !
Love Karen x

PS. I make the cards. karens cards from the heart.